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Melt By CinloCo Permanent Jewelry Las Vegas

Melt By CinloCo is an addition to our jewelry and accessory business.

Melt is a permanent jewelry experience provider. You will choose your chain style and precious metals. From there you will get your jewelry piece sized to your preference.  After that you will be provided protective eyeglasses, you’ll have a sit, and our technician will weld the chain at the ends. The entire process will take no longer than 15 minutes, while the welding will take a few seconds. This is the fun part. Make sure you are ready to record it or have someone record you. You'll hear a beep and clicking sound. Lastly, you'll see a flash of light and that's it! onto your next chain.


About Our Metals

Permanent jewelry is meant to stay on you for many years to come. For that reason, we will only use the best quality of precious metals. All our metals are Italian certified.


  • 14K Italian gold
  • 18K Italian gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Gold Vermeil


All metals used are water safe, hypoallergenic, lead & nickel free, and tarnish resistant.

 Gold vermeil- The base metal is Sterling Silver which means your piece is made from precious metals only. A thick layer of gold is then electroplated over the base metal. While it may sound like gold plated jewelry, gold vermeil jewelry has a much thicker layer of gold. As we all know sterling silver will oxidize over time. No worries, this is not permanent. You can maintain it's shine and sparkle by whipping it clean with the microfiber provided at the time of service.


What to do if you need to remove it

No Problem. You can cut them with any house Scissors. If you need to get it fused back on just find us at our next event. 

Will it be a problem at the airport security?

Absolutely not. First, the chains are so dainty that they wouldn't be a problem regardless of metal type but especially since you are going with precious metals. Precious metals are not magnetic there for it won't be an issue.

What happens if it breaks off?

No Problem, we can melt it back. One free welding included, after that it's a small $20 fee.


Where Can You Get Melted (Welded)?

You can find us at our next pop-up in Las Vegas. All pop-ups are announced on Instagram. All services are by appointments. You will be able to book your appointment on our website. Please schedule one appointment per each person in your group to allow enough time for the service. We also use appointment to get a good idea of how much inventory we need on each chain type. A small $10 deposit is required to save your spot.

You can also book us for your private parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, graduation parties, engagement parties, a friends get together and really any occasion. Our permanent jewelry makes the perfect friendship matching jewelry with that special person you have a deep connection with. We require a minimum of 5 jewelry pieces to be purchased for private events. A $50 deposit is required when booking this. The host of the party will save 30% of one item personal purchase when booking for 5 people. If you book for a group of 10 or more, you will receive one item of your choosing completely FREE.


Pricing Information-

14K Gold


Priced at $20-$55 per inch.

18K Gold


We are currently out of 18K gold


Sterling Silver

Ring $30

Bracelet $50

Anklet $75

Necklace $120


Gold filled

Ring $30

Bracelet $70

Anklet $90

Necklace $150


*Current prices are based on current chain offerings

Please e-mail or send me a message on Instagram if you have any questions.